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Wedding photography from Rickey Rodgers captures the magic and emotion of your wedding day in a series of stunning and unique images. As two souls begin their life together, Rickey’s photography keeps memories alive and serves as a poignant reminder of the day that will stay with you for a lifetime. Your wedding day is an overwhelming one, full of busy arrangements, so Rickey’s presence on the day will be subtle and unobtrusive.

A world away from the stuffiness of traditional photography, his wedding photography is relaxed, dynamic, and expressive. Rickey is assisted on wedding shoots by his wife Anna, who acts as second camera and whose work offers an alternative perspective on the day. Even group shots, which are so often difficult and time-consuming, become swift and easy under their versatile, friendly direction. From the bride’s excited preparations, through to the anticipation amongst the guests and the venue itself, Rickey captures the mood of your wedding day in style. He has a trained eye for the perfect shot – anticipating the emotion in every scene, he immortalises those moments of wonder that make a wedding day so unique. Precious moments captured forever.

Each one may be gone in the blink of an eye, but Rickey will capture it for you to enjoy forever. As well as the richness of the service itself,a wedding day is full of hidden moments of love; Rickey captures these with a deftness and sensitivity that befits the tenderness of the day.These special moments often go unnoticed, and yet they say so much about the day. Rickey's wedding photographs will evoke the spirit of your day and awaken myriad fond memories, years after the event.